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EOTech | Red Dot Sights, Rifle Scopes, Magnifiers, Night Vision & More.

EOTech develops battle-proven optics and night vision gear for tactical operators and civilians who demand nothing but the best. We carry a wide selection of EOTech red dot sightsprecision rifle scopes, and magnifiers to meet the needs of professionals and civilians looking for high-quality tactical gear. Shop for EOTech EXPS3, HWS, XPS2-0, EXPS3-0, and many other popular holographic sights designed for rapid target acquisition during close-quarter encounters. For long-range engagements, check out EOTech Vudu rifle scopes that deliver quick and accurate target ranging at all magnification levels.

Does the military still use EOTech?

Yes, EOTech optics are used by the military and various law enforcement agencies in the U.S. As battle-proven optics, EOTech electro-optics are incredibly durable and designed for use in harsh conditions and stressful situations.

What is so special about EOTech?

EOTech was the first company to manufacture holographic weapon sights. While red dot sights reflect an LED onto a clear piece of glass, holo sights use a laser and reflective mirrors to produce a holographic reticle. The biggest benefit of holographic sights is that the reticle is easier to use and can still be seen if the front lens cracks or is impacted by debris.

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From night vision goggles to holographic sights, EOTech is behind some of today’s most innovative tactical products in the industry. Shop online with us for amazing deals on the EOTech XPS2, EOTech HHS & G33 Magnifier combo, STS mounting kit, and tons of other high-performance products.