Gun Accessories 

Gun Accessories | Rifle Scopes, Flashlights, Red Dot Sights, Pouches, Gun Cleaning & More Ways to Accessorize Your Gun!

Find the best selection of gun accessories and gun parts at Wolfvex. Shop everything from handgun magazines, suppressors, holsters, and unique and high-quality pieces for your Glock or AR. You can customize and tailor any handgun or rifle with parts from top brands like Magpul, Sig Sauer, BlackHawk, Ruger, Remington, and more. We have choke tubes for shotguns, M-Lok handguards & forends for rifles, concealed carry holsters for handguns, and plenty of backpacks and range bags to carry it all.

To keep your firearm functioning properly, you’ll need a variety of magazines and clips that are compatible with your specific make and model of handgun or rifle. There are also several different types of gun magazine accessories, including magazine loaders (for both rimfire carbines as well as semi-automatic rifles), speed loaders (for revolvers), stripper clips (usually for bolt action rifles), and drums (usually for submachine guns). The majority of these items will work with most modern firearms, but it’s always best to double-check before ordering just in case there are any compatibility issues between your weapon and whatever accessory you’re looking at purchasing.

We carry a number of great products for various gun parts and accessories including:

A good gun accessory is meant to enhance the performance of your pistol or rifle, but the real star of the show is still the firearm itself. Proper gun gear will help your gun shine. Greater performance, gun security, and your own personal safety are all important factors to consider.

You can increase performance with gun accessories like laser sights or a gun grip. Gun security is improved with a good gun storage box or a carrying bag, as well as cleaning kits and other gun care gear. But don’t forget your safety when handling a firearm. A quality pair of shooting glasses are an important gun accessory for anyone who wants to keep safe at the range or out hunting.

Can you buy magazines for guns online?

Yes, magazines for guns can be purchased online. However, the legality of buying magazines online varies depending on the state and local laws where you live. Some states have restrictions on the types of magazines that can be owned or the capacity of the magazine. It is important to check your state and local laws before purchasing a magazine online.

What should I add to my AR-15?

There are many accessories that can be added to an AR-15 rifle to enhance its performance and functionality. Some popular options include:

Sights: Adding a red dot sight or an optic can improve accuracy and make it easier to acquire targets quickly.

Grip: A comfortable grip can help with accuracy and control of the rifle.

Handguard: Adding a free-float handguard can improve accuracy by providing a stable platform for accessories and a comfortable grip.

Trigger: Upgrading the trigger can improve the trigger pull and make it easier to shoot accurately.

Stock: Adjustable stocks can be added to make the rifle more comfortable to shoot and adjust to the shooter’s body size.

Magazine: Purchasing higher-capacity magazines or those made of durable materials can increase the rifle’s versatility in different scenarios.

Light: Adding a flashlight or a laser sight can help with target acquisition in low-light conditions.

Bipod: A bipod or tripod can help to steady the rifle and make it more accurate when shooting from a prone position.

It’s important to mention that some of the above items may be restricted in some states. Always check your local laws before purchasing any accessories.